20 Gifts Under $20 from ChildFund International

Scouting for affordable gifts this holiday season?

At ChildFund, we’ve got you covered with 20 gift ideas for under $20. A gift that changes a child’s life is sure to inspire your friends and family.

Each tax-deductible item in the Gifts of Love and Hope catalog will help children and families in practical and tangible ways. A special card will be sent in your name to the gift recipients on your list.

The 20 List
1. a chicken and feed for a family in The Gambia ($4)
2. one duck for a child in Indonesia ($5)
3. corn and bean seeds for a family in Mozambique ($7)
4. educational toy for a child in Indonesia ($7)
5. book bag for a student in Sri Lanka ($7)
6. text book for a student in Liberia ($7)
7. mosquito net for an expectant mother in Zambia ($7)
8. 10 chicks for a family in Indonesia ($8)
9. chair for a classroom in Kenya ($9)
10. snack backpack for a child in the USA ($10)
11. pair of chickens for a family in Mozambique ($10)
12. two toys for a dream corner in Sri Lanka ($11)
13. mosquito net for a child in Afghanistan ($13)
14. board game for a youth center in Zambia ($13)
15. a pair of shoes to protect a child’s feet in Sri Lanka ($14)
16. mosquito net for a child in Mozambique ($14)
17. five story books for a dream corner in Sri Lanka ($14)
18. school bag with supplies for a child in Indonesia ($14)
19. warm blanket for a child in Mozambique ($14)
20. story and activity books for a school in the Philippines ($15)

Visit our catalog to choose from hundreds of additional items that will keep on giving to children and families in need worldwide.

It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge the special people in your life this holiday season.

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