Are You Ready to Give a Goat or a Duck?

By Kate Andrews, ChildFund Staff Writer

Some of you are already getting ready for the holiday season, and so are we at ChildFund. But instead of stocking stuffers, we’re thinking about livestock, as well as other gifts that families in need have requested.

Our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog has been updated this fall with new items that will go a long way to help children pursue an education, provide families with extra income and protect the health of infants and expectant mothers. As always, the catalog includes gifts that have been requested by the families we serve around the world, so we are fulfilling specific needs. Let’s take a look at what’s available in the catalog!

Farm Animals


Rabbits are an important gift that help families bring in extra income. Photo by Jake Lyell.

Goats were our most popular item in the catalog last year, with nearly 1,000 goats going to families in need. You can still give a dairy goat for $99, or you can choose to provide three goats or a whole herd. Children need milk and other dairy products, and the gift of goats, which can provide a source of income, also can lead to greater prosperity for families and access to education for children and youth.  

Ducks and rabbits also are helpful gifts, and they too provide greater self-sufficiency. Also, children can help with the care and feeding of these animals, which provides a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Nutritional Needs

Families in Sierra Leone can harvest rice quickly when generous donors provide high-yield rice seeds for $73 or include farming tools with the gift of seeds for $269. This will make a significant difference in the lives of children who otherwise may suffer from undernutrition. In Honduras and Bolivia, families have asked for eco-friendly stoves to replace fireplaces that pollute their homes with smoke and toxic fumes, often causing asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Water Resources

water filter in Indonesia

In parts of Indonesia, water is contaminated with volcanic ash and other toxins. A water filter is very helpful for families.

A lack of clean water is a persistent challenge in many of the communities ChildFund serves, causing disease and even limiting educational opportunities. As we’ve observed in the communities we serve, when a school doesn’t have a source of clean water nearby, children spend less time in class or may not go at all. In the catalog, we offer water filters for families in Indonesia for $74, so children can drink water free from volcanic ash and other toxins. For a drought-stricken community in Mozambique, you can purchase a share of a water-catchment system that will help 8,000 schoolchildren have greatly improved access to clean water.  

Healthy Mothers and Babies

In many of the communities we serve, expectant mothers face extreme challenges. Sometimes they have to travel a long way for prenatal care, and some don’t have the resources to go to the hospital to give birth. In Maluso in the Philippines, there is no birthing center, and the closest hospital is 18 miles away. So, ChildFund is working to fund a center where women can have their babies safely. With your donation, we’ll be able to purchase a delivery table, a scale to measure infants and baby thermometers to make a local health post a safe place to give birth.

We have many more gifts that may appeal to you, and they definitely will do a great deal of good for children and families who are living in poverty. Thanks for your consideration during this holiday season.

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