ChildFund Listens to What Local Partners Say

By Cynthia Price, Director of Communications

ChildFund has made listening to children a hallmark of its work. But what about the local partner organizations that implement ChildFund’s programs for children?

partnership surveyLocal partners’ unique perspectives about their communities are key to ChildFund’s program design for children and families. To strengthen its relationships with these partners, ChildFund participated in a survey to identify its assets and weaknesses, with a view toward improving performance.

Along with ChildFund, 62 other international nonprofits participated in the survey, which was administered by Keystone Accountability and released as the Development Partnerships Survey 2013.

Keystone contacts local partners directly, asking them to anonymously respond to a standard questionnaire. In the survey, partners are asked to give their perceptions on various aspects of their relationships with the organizations. ChildFund received a copy of its own survey results, along with benchmarks for the other organizations that participated.

“We are releasing our private report publicly because we want our partners to know we are listening to them and that we take the findings seriously,” says Sarah Bouchie, vice president of Program Development. “We will follow up with our partners to learn more.”

ChildFund scored high for its financial support and capacity building. The organization was also highly rated for promoting participatory approaches to child development and for making an important contribution within its sector.

ChildFund scored high for its financial support and capacity building.

The survey highlighted relationships and communication as an area to improve. “We have been changing rapidly as an organization, so we can meet the needs of more children and families,” Bouchie says. “The results show that we need to pay close attention to how we communicate these changes. We want to make sure that we are attuned to local partners’ questions and concerns.”

ChildFund plans to develop joint strategies and promote its partners’ work more.  It also will repeat the survey to monitor its progress in building these important relationships.

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