ChildFund’s CEO Gives a TEDx Talk on Violence Against Children

By Kate Andrews, ChildFund Staff Writer

ChildFund’s president and CEO, Anne Lynam Goddard, will speak tomorrow at the TEDxRVA conference in Richmond, Va. You can view her speech as it streams live online Friday afternoon.

Kenyan children

Anne Goddard meets children in Kenya.

The theme of the event is “re__,” an invitation for our community (Richmond and beyond) to actively participate in making the world better. Anne’s speech, “Freedom From Violence,” focuses on “re-action.” That means more than just reacting to events, but acting again and again to achieve our goals — specifically ending violence against children.

Here’s a quote from her talk: “Threats to the most vulnerable and smallest among us — children — come not only from having too little food, but also from having too much violence in their lives.  It is not enough to help children survive, but we must also have a world safe for all children to thrive.”

Anne also will share her story about how violence affected her family and encourage the audience to participate in the “Free From Violence and Exploitation Against Children” campaign supported by ChildFund Alliance.  

Her presentation will begin at about 1:15 p.m. EDT Friday, and you can stream the video here.

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