Fight Against Ebola Continues With Airlift of Supplies

Ebola supplies in Liberia

Supplies arrived in Liberia on Aug. 27 to help protect medical workers from Ebola.

Yesterday, ChildFund participated in an airlift of 15,000 pounds of emergency medical supplies for Liberia, one of the countries where health care professionals are working hard to contain the deadly Ebola virus. Thanks to a collaboration among other nonprofit organizations, corporations (including longtime ChildFund partner Procter & Gamble) and many individuals, Liberian hospital staff members are receiving personal protection items, including rubber gloves, face masks and fluid-resistant gowns, as well as soap and other hygiene supplies. ChildFund Liberia is delivering these supplies through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Read more about the airlift.



One Response to Fight Against Ebola Continues With Airlift of Supplies

  • Very good work Child Fund. and associates More organizations should do such things. If the world is ever going to be a happy place to live then we need more such actions.

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