Volunteer to Volunteer: Be an Advocate!

By Beth Meszaros, ChildFund Volunteer

Volunteer and advocate Beth Meszaros.

Volunteer and advocate Beth Meszaros.

Getting people to make donations to your charity of choice is never an easy task. You will send unanswered emails and hear polite noes in reply when you reach out to family, friends, colleagues. But don’t despair.

The best advice I can give you is to not only be a volunteer for ChildFund but, more importantly, become an advocate for ChildFund.

According to Merriam-Webster, an advocate is defined as “someone who publicly supports a cause or policy.” We should all be advocates or champions for children in need. I’ve made being an advocate for children and ChildFund part of who I am. I talk about my sponsored children and share my experiences every chance I get. I won’t say it’s easy, but through advocacy you can raise awareness about children in need and the incredible job ChildFund is doing to help them, and you can ultimately reach people who are willing to help. When I’m frustrated and feel like no one is listening, I just recall some of the words from my children’s letters. Things like “I love you” and “you’re part of our family.” These simple words remind me that they truly need and appreciate my help, and I go on to tell others about sponsorship.

Through advocacy, I have been able to find sponsors for several children in need, as well as one-time donations to ChildFund. I will keep on advocating for ChildFund and children all over the world because I have seen what ChildFund can do for children, and I have experienced what it feels like to help children and become a positive part of their lives.


6 Responses to Volunteer to Volunteer: Be an Advocate!

  • I do this now, since sponsoring I have done nothing but speak very highly on sponsoring. My friends think I am exaggerating and my response is, try it and you’ll see. I’ve told Zi, through letters, that he is like another grandson to me. We take things for granted in the U.S, like, inside plumbing, clean water, doctors whereas in other countries, those are luxuries. If my 31 dollars can make a difference, then, you can make a difference as well.

  • After having sponsored two different girls, and also sponsoring their project, I can only say, “If you want some bang for your buck, give it to Childfund. I have visited their project in Crato, Ceará, Brazil several times, and I am always amazed and totally pleased at what they are able to accomplish with what they receive. There is nothing more rewarding than to know you have brought a smile to a child’s face. I remember when I first decided to sponsor a child, I thought it would be a good thing to help someone less fortunate than I. But in the long run, I believe I have gotten back so much more than I have given.

  • May our good Lord reward greatly to all those who stand with the needy children. I am a social volunteer worker and everytime i visit the needy i spend hours imagining on the hardship they pass through and how they can ever overcome this misfortune in their future. I get encouraged by wellwishers for their unconditional generosity and love. God bless all welwishers and donors in the world.

  • may God bless the work of your hands for the good of children .
    My mum divorced when iwas 5 years and left at home with my nunny, through these experieces it affected life,after ihave understood life and its intricacies and the percepective of people, iwas envisioned to set a vision which say “ajust society that ensuers equality , Harmony , Children born and raised in a loving and safe environment through skills and Knowledge, curently we are taking family Life Empowerment.

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