This Cyber Monday, Consider a Real Gift

Ethiopia goats

Dairy goats made a difference in this Ethiopian boy’s life.

Are you planning to take advantage of the shopping deals on Cyber Monday? Maybe a new TV, a toy for the children, a cool kitchen gadget? The sales are hard to pass up, and we’re not asking you to do that. However, we do encourage you to consider giving a gift to a child, a family or a village in need. You can find many options in ChildFund’s Real Gifts Catalog; they’re priced for all budgets, and every gift in there will go to a person in need. Our offices worldwide receive requests from enrolled children and their families, so the livestock, stoves, seeds and bicycles that you donate will be put to good use.

To learn more about the good you can do today for children in need, check out these videos showing people who have benefited from the Real Gifts Catalog. And then, we ask you to help by giving your own gift. Thank you, and happy Cyber Monday!

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