Ebola Breakout Reveals Africa’s Nurse Shortage

Zambia e-learning studentsThe first class of e-learning students at Mufulira School of Nursing in Zambia.

Health care workers, international aid foundations and many other people worldwide have learned a great number of lessons from the Ebola breakout in West Africa. For one thing, the epidemic has exposed the severe lack of trained health care professionals in the region. In Zambia, on the other side of the continent, there is only one health care worker for every 1,500 people. Last summer, ChildFund and The MasterCard Foundation launched the Zambia Nurse and Life Skills Training Program, an e-learning opportunity for approximately 6,000 young Zambian adults to become nurses and midwives within the next five years. Today, in a Huffington Post article, ChildFund President & CEO Anne Lynam Goddard elaborates on the program and how it could be expanded to create a global impact.

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