Zambia Video Wins ChildFund Contest

This video featuring Tinashe, a 10-year-old girl from Zambia, won first prize in ChildFund’s 2014 Community Video Contest for its heartfelt depiction of how crucial water is to life in Zambia’s rural Luangwa District. The river that is Tinashe’s community’s primary water source  is infested with crocodiles, making it dangerous to fetch water for cooking, drinking and bathing.

Thanks and congratulations to ChildFund Zambia, the Luangwa Child Development Agency (ChildFund’s local partner organization there) and, especially, Tinashe!

3 Responses to Zambia Video Wins ChildFund Contest

  • This is Awesome! Congratulations to the Luangwa team and especially to Tinashe for being so clear when bringing out the challenges faced to have clean water in the rural communities. A big thank you to all the Alliances, sponsors and well wishers who support these projects to better the lives of the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children!

  • I write to appreciate the clip depicting the situation in my community. I am the Manager in-charge of Luangwa Child Development Agency (LCDA) and I wish to strongly re-affirm that indeed it tells exactly what ChildFund through LCDA is doing in the Mandombe Community of Luangwa District. The improvement and provision of water in our community has really Changed the lives of the community. We are also very as grateful as LCDA to New Zealand ChildFund for their usual support. Kindly be assured that your support is touching the many lives of people and is going to the intended purpose.

  • The Water Projects in Luangwa District of Zambia being implemented by Luangwa Child Development Agency (LCDA) with financial support support from ChildFund have continued contributing to the transformation of people`s lives. Members of the community are now able to find time to attend to other productive house chores as opposed to spending too much time queuing for water. They used to wake up as early as 04:00 hrs to fetch drinking water but now the situation is different as they can fetch water at any time. The water is also clean and safe while the frequency of drawing water from the crocodile infested rivers has also reduced.
    In addition, school going children have reduced reporting late for class as water is made available within their reach. They can bath at any time and report to class on time while avoiding accessing the dangerous crocodile infested Luangwa and Zambezi rivers where they used to be caught most of the time. The availability of clean and safe water coupled with other local interventions is also contributing to prevention of water borne diseases in our communities .Water is life and indeed we are striving to meet the adage in full.

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