Playing With What They Have

Photos from ChildFund’s offices in Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico and Timor-Leste 

In the lobby of ChildFund’s international headquarters, we don’t have your typical office décor. Instead, we have a sparsely furnished Kenyan classroom, a world map mural with paper dolls holding hands, and homemade toys collected from around the world. A lot of the toys are made with what some people might call trash: used plastic bottles, twine and bits of rubber and metal. But the toys themselves are not junk and are often prized by the children who made and played with them.

In these pictures below, you’ll see the ingenuity and creativity of children who play with what they have — animals, traditional games and toys made from available materials.

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  • Playing I believe, is an important part of the life of children. Once I was a one of the children playing in our community. I can make a toy car out of some junk, or kite out of old newspapers (or scratch papers), play with my slippers, do hide and seek and a lot more. That was in late 60s and early 70s when computers were not yet popular to children, especially in rural areas. In our young minds, we enjoyed whatever game we played, little did we know that it all contributed to our growth and development. >> We once were children, and how we spend that kind of life could greatly affecting our lives as adult.

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