A Real Gift for the Holidays

By Kate Andrews, ChildFund Staff Writer

Not to alarm you, but Christmas is approaching and Hanukkah is already underway. Some of you are probably all set, presents bought and wrapped, but not everyone is. Don’t stress. You still have time to purchase a meaningful gift. Every year in November, ChildFund comes out with a new catalog of items that children and their family members request in the 30 countries where we work. These real gifts — real because your money is used to send the specific gift listed to a child or family in need — are great for friends, family, coworkers or others. These gifts don’t take up extra room on someone’s coffee table, and, most importantly, you’re doing something to help a person in need, which is in the spirit of the season.

This year, our online gift catalog is redesigned and easier to navigate, and, best of all for the procrastinators, we have a new Gift Finder Quiz that suggests an item for your giftee after you answer a few questions. When I took the quiz, it suggested that I give a Dream Bike in my loved one’s honor. How about that! A girl can get to and from school safely and quickly with my gift. Pretty cool for me, my friend and the girl who gets the bike.


dream bike in Indonesia

Aisyah, a sixth-grader from Jakarta, Indonesia, used to leave her home to walk to school at 5 a.m. This bike gets her there faster.

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