The Power of a Baby Goat

Video by Jake Lyell

Each year, goats are one of our top gifts among donors, because they are easy to give and bring such joy to children and their family members. Watch what a difference a (very cute) baby goat and its brothers and sisters have made in the lives of Perina and her grandmother Alidessa, who live in Zambia. Then, you can make a difference for a family in Ethiopia, The Gambia, Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Uganda or Zambia by giving the gift of goats.

One Response to The Power of a Baby Goat

  • I think it’s great to give goats to Childfund families. I live in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country. Many people in the surrounding areas keep goats, especially in places where the soil is rocky and there’s not much rain. Cattle might quickly overgraze the land, but those agile, surefooted little goats seem to thrive!

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