An Entrepreneurial Sisterhood in Ecuador

Ecuador girls with chickens

Photo from ChildFund Ecuador.

Maria Angelina, María Beatriz and María Fatima are triplets who live in Ecuador‘s Carchi Province and participate in their community’s social and financial project, which is supported by ChildFund. Through this program, they have begun raising and selling chickens. The sisters say they’re saving money for university, so they can one day find professional work and help support their family. Ecuadorean youth ages 13 to 18 receive financial training through the Aflateen program, and explore concepts such as self-esteem, their rights, gender issues, drug abuse prevention, the environment and job-seeking skills.

3 Responses to An Entrepreneurial Sisterhood in Ecuador

  • that’s very good initiative, our organization is into similler

    Aflateen project which provides ICT skill for the youth involved. The 3 sisters should endevoir in their good work hoping that they will achieve their objective and also secure their financial future. They should stay blessed.

  • -nice looking
    -excellent activity which could be profitable
    -best to give training to all youngsters around the world with supporting facilities and material
    I appreciate them to do the best
    thank you,

  • Very good three sister (Charlotte Brountee in England that have to face lot of problem in their life as Morden three sister arises in Eduardo….

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