Walking Three Hours for Water — If They’re Lucky

In this video shot by ChildFund videographer Jake Lyell in Emali, Kenya, we follow Isaac and his mother, Dora, on their trek to a freshwater spring more than three hours away on foot. If that weren’t tough enough, Dora explains that sometimes when they reach the spring, they find it’s gone dry that day. So, they walk three hours home with no water. This isn’t the only family living with such hardship. Check out the statistics. There are millions of people who don’t have clean running water in or near their homes.

“Without water, even if you have food in the house, you can’t cook. You can’t bathe or have something to drink,” Dora says. She hopes for a better life for Isaac, the only one of her four children who has survived.

Today is World Water Day, a great time to make a gift that will provide communities with wells, pumps and other sources of clean water. Too many people — just like Isaac and Dora — spend hours each week fetching water and carrying it home, if they’re lucky. We can help.

2 Responses to Walking Three Hours for Water — If They’re Lucky

  • These is unfortunate n unbearable situation 4 childrens health. many communities i visited in karamoja sub region in uganda have relative live threat as children n old people resort sharing water moreover dirty one with animals. i thnk this is yet another area 2 thnk of n perhaps to encalcate as stream line program as part of child protection strategy.

    • It is shocking and sad that our fellow human beings have to live without having access to good clean water. In a just world all persons would have as much clean, pure water that is necessary for their health. Many children in the USA are spoiled and do not know about how children live in other countries.
      When I think how one painting can be sold for $180 million at Sotheby’s….
      Hopefully one day our world’s resources will be more evenly distributed.

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