Staying Safe in Sri Lanka

Reporting and photos from Himangi Jayasundere and local partners in Sri Lanka

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Since May 16, heavy rains from Cyclone Roanu have caused massive flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka. More than 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes, and 200 people are either reported dead or missing. Fortunately, no ChildFund-enrolled or sponsored children and their family members were reported hurt or killed in the disaster, but some have had to leave their homes.

We are working with Sri Lanka’s government and other nongovernmental organizations to assist people in need, and in Puttalam District, we have set up two Child-Centered Spaces (you can see photos in the slideshow above) to help keep children safe. They also receive psychosocial counseling and opportunities to talk about their fears. Read more about the emergency response in Sri Lanka on our website.

One Response to Staying Safe in Sri Lanka

  • Glad to hear that the Childfund has taken swift action to set up two child spaces in Putlam District. I am also happy to hear that all sponsored children are safe. However, given their status of living prior to the setting of the disaster, these families need more support not only economic support but psychological support to overcome the traumatic conditions they have witnessed or foregone. It is significant to note that if many adolescent children are having shelter in emergency centres or camps their safety and protection from any physical or mental abuses that might occur should be given special attention. Those who are in the Camps should be well sensitised on looking after each other any measures should be notified to contact the authorities in case of an emergency. I hope that the educational needs of the children are looked after well. I wish them all safe living

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