Black Friday

Looking for Meaning Beyond Black Friday

By Kate Andrews

Are you planning to hit the doorbuster sales on Black Friday (or, as these events creep into Thanksgiving, Gray Thursday)? You may already have your game plan: dashing first to the electronics department, or maybe toward the toy section, depending on what you’re after. We want you to take a minute and consider buying some necessities for a child who won’t get a video game or an electric scooter for Christmas. She may be hoping for a mattress instead.

ChildFund International has its own gift guide for people in need around the world, with prices that can fit almost any budget. Plus, these gifts will make you — and others — feel good for much longer than a month. We’ve prepared some comparisons:

For $40, you can buy a Blu-ray player. Or for $35, you can purchase a “Mama Kit” for a pregnant woman in Uganda. This gift helps ensure that she will have a safer delivery with supplies that she can use during and after the birth of her child.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is the most popular video game in the country right now. It costs about $60. A mattress, which can keep two small siblings from sleeping on a dirt floor in Ethiopia or Uganda, costs $39. The bedding is made locally, so you’re also helping the community’s economy.

Some of you may buy a piece of jewelry, say, a pair of diamond stud earrings, which are about $200 on sale. Consider feeding 30 orphans for a week in India. Cost: $120.

Furby is back, and it’s one of the most popular toys for this holiday season. These robotic plush toys are $60. For the same cost, you can purchase real animals that can help a family: six chickens for $58, or a pair of rabbits for $59. Children in Kenya raise the baby rabbits, which they sell. Often the money goes toward school supplies or other important needs.

Of course, you may be considering some high-ticket items. A tablet, perhaps, or a television? The newest version of the iPad costs about $500 on sale. A dairy cow costs $497, providing nourishment and income to a family in Ethiopia, the Philippines or Sri Lanka. A wheelchair for a child in Ethiopia costs $398.
A television can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500 for a top-of-the-line LED TV with a 55-inch screen. Consider putting some money toward a hand pump that will provide water for an entire Indian village. Price tag: $1,429.

We at ChildFund want you to have a wonderful holiday season, with plenty of time with loved ones and good cheer. As you are giving thanks for your good fortune, we ask that you consider those who are in need. For more donation suggestions, please visit ChildFund’s Gifts of Love & Hope online catalog.

Give a Gift of Love & Hope this Holiday Season

by LaTasha Chambers, Communications Associate

It’s that time of year when you make your holiday gift list and check it twice. Before you head out to fight the crowds at the mall, may I suggest adding a chicken or a cow to your gift list?

girl milking cowTrue, neither will fit into a stocking hanging over your fabulously decorated mantle, but both will fit right in with a family in one of the countries where ChildFund works.

And you don’t have to make a trip to the mall! You’ll find these gifts and more in ChildFund’s 2011 Gifts of Hope & Love catalog. Each item is chosen specifically for the families who live in the regions where ChildFund works. These are the gifts they desire and need most. The catalog features unique presents like chickens, cows, goats, water pumps and weaving supplies – something special for everyone on your list.

Girl with chickenYour loved ones will be honored to know that you selected a gift in their honor that enhances the quality of life for children and families. Chickens provide nutritious eggs; cows provide milk and also manure for improved farming soil; and water pumps provide entire communities with reliable water source. Purchasing a goat enables a family not only to receive nourishment from milk, cheese and yogurt, but also income from selling these resources.

A gift from ChildFund’s catalog is a perfect way to honor a relative, co-worker or friend. In addition to purchasing a special gift, you have the convenient option of shopping online or by phone (800-610-9013). So on Black Friday, feel free to lounge in your favorite pair of holiday pajamas while you peruse the Gifts of Love & Hope.

Here’s to a meaningful, stress-free holiday season!

Gifts of Love and Hope for a Bright Friday

by Virginia Sowers, ChildFund Community Manager

Spending Black Friday at the big-box store or local mall has become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for many Americans eager to get a jump-start on holiday shopping.

But it can also be a bit harried…getting up at o-dark-thirty for that special bargain in limited quantities, navigating a crowded parking lot, hurrying to be first in line.

Let me suggest a brighter alternative — shop for meaningful gifts from ChildFund’s Gifts of Love and Hope catalog. A special card will be sent in your name to the gift recipients on your list.

Just think how pleased they will be to know you took time to honor them with a gift that helps children in practical and lasting ways.

The gifts are unique, and each comes with a guarantee that the item you select will be used exactly as described in the catalog—whether that’s to improve the nutrition of young children and income for their families or to provide learning and development toys for a school.

A few samples to help get your shopping started:

  • Item #49475: Sheep for a family in the Gambia ($86)
  • Item #49465: Eight ducks for a family in Indonesia ($57)
  • Item #49689: Softball for a child in the U.S. ($6)
  • Item #49555: Mosquito net for a child in Uganda ($11)
  • Item # 49635: Water tank for a family in Mexico ($132)
  • Item #49563: Creative workshop for a child in the Caribbean ($31)

Please visit our online catalog to view our full selection of special gifts. It’s a shopping experience sure to brighten your Friday, and that light will spread across the world.

No Need to Get Up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday

Rather than rushing to the big-box store at o-dark-thirty the day after Thanksgiving, consider this alternative shopping scenario.

You sleep in (if you’re fortunate enough to be off work).

Later in the morning, as you sip your tea or coffee, you flip on your computer and start checking off your gift list.

A great place to start your shopping day is at ChildFund International’s Gifts of Love and Hope online catalog. The gifts are unique, and each comes with a guarantee that the item you select will be used exactly as described in the catalog—whether that’s to improve nutrition of young children or to provide learning and development toys for a school.

Healthy Environments
Malaria is still the number one killer of children under the age of five worldwide. Mosquito nets for children in India, Afghanistan and The Gambia will provide protection for sleeping children and prevent malaria. Nets range from $5 to $14.

Children Helping Children
One section of the catalog helps children learn to share with others less fortunate. From board games to book bags to toys, these gifts range from $4 to $15.

The 20 List
And be sure to check out ChildFund’s 20 gifts under $20. Among the most popular gifts in this category are chickens and ducks that will provide nutrition and generate income for families in poor communities.

Think Outside the Stocking
Innovate your stocking stuffers this year, and delight your friends and family with

  • a water buffalo to lighten a family’s load in Indonesia
  • a bicycle and repair kit for youth in the USA
  • a set of carpentry tools to help youth in Guinea gain economic independence
  • 10 fruit tree seedlings for families in Brazil
  • a well and hand pump for a community in Afghanistan.

There, your shopping is all done without ever having to fight for a parking space at the mall.

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