A Leader Who Leads by Example

by Virginia Sowers
Community Manager

One of the truly great things about working at ChildFund is discovering children’s uncanny ability to bring people together from all walks of life.

Just recently, I found myself on the phone with His Excellency Dr. Nicholas J. O. Liverpool, president of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Can you guess why?

Dr. Liverpool is a ChildFund sponsor.

His Excellency Dr. Nicholas J. O. Liverpool, president of the Commonwealth of Dominica

His reasoning is simple: lead by example.

Having attended a number of ChildFund functions, Liverpool says he was “impressed by the enthusiasm” with which National Director Francis Joseph and the ChildFund staff are engaged with their duties in his country.

“They were doing a wonderful job,” he says, “so I thought this will be one way that I can offer assistance. Mr. Joseph can now say: ‘The president is a sponsor.’”

He’s also inviting a number of his friends to become sponsors as well.

“I’m very enthusiastic about the project,” says Liverpool, who has placed a strong emphasis on education during his administration. “There are a lot of children in need.”

As a new ChildFund sponsor, His Excellency is eager to participate more fully in the issues that impact children. “I’ve been involved in children’s issues on and off for years,” he says. “In a few years — when I’m free to be able to play a part — I hope to do more.”

Read the full story on ChildFund’s Web site.

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