New Year’s resolution

You Can Resolve Now to Help a Child

By Kate Andrews

Many of us are making resolutions to eat less, exercise more, call our parents on Sundays, get more organized and achieve any number of other positive goals in the new year. In this season of setting resolutions, we ask you to consider sponsoring a child in 2013; don’t let another year slip past.

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Five-year-old Felipe, who lives near the town of Diamantina, Brazil, doesn’t have access to clean water or enough food. With a $28-a-month sponsorship, you can help children like Felipe live healthier and more stable lives.

2013 calendar graphicStarting this week and running through the middle of January, ChildFund International is working to build our number of sponsors through a New Year’s resolution campaign.

Also of note: Sponsoring a child takes less work than going to the gym five days a week. “There’s always a tendency for people to resolve to eat less or exercise more,” ChildFund’s digital marketing director Timo Selvaraj says, “or to say, ‘Next year I’m going to make a difference.’ Let’s not allow 365 days to go by. It’s a simple message.”

To sponsor a child, please visit our website. It’s a great way to start 2013.

Resolve to Say ‘Yes’ to Child Sponsorship

by Virginia Sowers, ChildFund Community Manager

Didn’t it feel good to count down to a brand new year last weekend and welcome 2011?

Here at ChildFund, we’re entering our own final countdown in the 100 Days of Yes campaign that concludes Jan. 21. You may recall that we launched this special event last October in our quest to gain thousands of new sponsors for children who live in poverty here in the U.S. and across the world.

Flavio from Ecuador

We’ve had an exciting 84 days thus far, with several thousand people saying “yes” to child sponsorship. And although we’ve had a respectable number of 100+ sponsor days, we’ve not hit our goal of 100 new sponsors every day. So for the final 16 days of the campaign, we’re asking for your help to sponsor a child and also get the word out about children like Flavio from Ecuador and Dawit from Ethiopia, whose lives can improve for just $28 a month.

Dawit from Ethiopia

With your support, we know that we can welcome 100 new sponsors daily now through Jan. 21. Think of it as the ultimate New Year’s challenge — guiding your friends and family toward a resolution they can stick to — to make a tangible difference in the life of one child.

Thousands of children enrolled in ChildFund programs are eagerly awaiting a sponsor—a person who’s on their side, giving them a lift up so they can become healthy, gain an education and become self-sufficient in the world.

As ChildFund enters the final countdown of the 100 Days of Yes, won’t you help bring in a brand new life for a child who’s always heard “no”? Resolve to say “yes” this year.

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