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Thank You ChildFund Sponsors and Donors!

As we celebrate National Philanthropy Day on Sunday, Nov. 15, we salute the hundreds of thousands of sponsors and donors who support the work of ChildFund International. With your support, our 70-year legacy of serving children around the world continues.NPD.Sig.Ver.Color

Through our participation in the ChildFund Alliance, our global reach now extends to 55 countries where deprived, excluded and vulnerable children need assistance.

This year marks the 24th anniversary of this special day set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy—and those people active in the philanthropic community—have made to our lives, our communities and our world.

Keith Kogler believes that the task of healing the world is massive and that it all starts with the willingness to show kindness. He and his wife Rosemary exemplify this belief through their sponsorship of 40 children through ChildFund.

“It is by helping others that we find our true purpose and ourselves,” Keith wrote in his book, Message From the Light. “Peace, joy and happiness all come from helping others and showing kindness toward our fellow man.”

The Koglers also show kindness to entire ChildFund communities. Special book-signing events have raised enough money to support malaria-prevention programs, to build a well for fresh water and to plant a stand of fruit trees for fresh produce and income generation. Read more here.

“It’s not that we need a pat on the back,” says another generous ChildFund supporter who prefers to remain anonymous, “we just want to know how our money is helping.” Having sponsored children through ChildFund since 1974, she has been gratified by the letters she receives from children. “When we send a family gift, we always get a letter and a picture back. The children always acknowledge your letters and gifts. Having a face with a name appeals to me.”

In addition to currently sponsoring four children located in Kenya, Guatemala, Bolivia and India, she and her husband are funding a grant in Belarus. Invited by ChildFund to visit the country and see how the dollars were being spent, she relates that she was “welcomed like a member of the family.” To her wonder, the grant had paid for a refurbished teen room in a school, funded a parenting-support program, outfitted an entire kitchen for young women to learn home economics skills, procured sewing machines and supplied woodworking tools for a shop class.

“It’s amazing how far the money goes when it’s spent well,” she relates.

Although the uncertain economy is having an impact on the charitable sector, the philanthropy of donors large and small continues to have a positive impact on the fabric of society. Billions of dollars are given each year, making possible millions of programs and services.

National Philanthropy Day is formally supported by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and hundreds of other nonprofit and for-profit organizations throughout North America

It is a day worthy of celebration!

The Next Step

By David Hylton,
Public Relations Specialist

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can’t say it enough! On July 10 when we launched our Twitter campaign, we didn’t quite know what to expect. We knew we’d get a lot of new followers, but perhaps we underestimated the generosity of people out there. For everyone who lent a hand in this – THANK YOU! Twitter

As the campaign ended at noon today, we had more than 2,200 followers – that’s 11 gifts to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and families in The Gambia, Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia. (For more information on the campaign and how it worked, click here to read our initial post and here when we reached 1,500 followers.)

Now that this campaign is over, what’s next? Thanks to anonymous donors who are going above their usual giving amount for this campaign, children and families will receive the following gifts:

• Chickens for a school in The Gambia
• A goat for a family farm in Zambia
• Mango trees in Kenya
• Vegetable seeds in Ethiopia

Over the next few days, we will ship the items to the program areas so they can be put to immediate use. During this process, we are working with ChildFund International employees in those countries to film video and take pictures so that you can see how following us on Twitter helped children living in poverty. It’s a commitment from us to hold an accountable dialogue with you.

We expect this process may take a couple of months to complete. Due to delivery issues to remote parts of the world and technology issues with slow Internet connections in many areas where we work, getting information from our program areas takes time and patience from everyone involved.

Now that the Twitter campaign is over, it certainly doesn’t mean that our presence there is disappearing. We’ll continue to post updates about ChildFund, answer questions followers may have, retweet others’ posts on topics we find relevant and much more. This campaign is only the beginning of our conversation.

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